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Thomas Schmitt, born 1984, is "Diplom-Informatiker (FH)". He founded a small company in 2003, which developed Windows applications in the programming languages Delphi and C# .net. (http://www.ts-tune.de)

He is author of the german book "SAP/.NET Prozessintegration - Businesslösungen mit Microsoft .NET 3.0 und SAP NetWeaver" as well as the english Version ".NET and SAP Integration: Comparing Interface Techniques between Microsoft .NET and SAP NetWeaver".

Since the beginning of 2007 Thomas Schmitt works for the evosoft GmbH as Project Manager and Software Architect. He was taking part in the conception, development and service transition of a couple of ASP .NET Web Forms and MVC applications for the Siemens AG. A short abstract about the applied technology and tools can be read in the following Microsoft Case Study:

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