Client-side Architecture Validation

This is the ninth blog of a series of posts about the topics Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It explains how important continuous integration is to deliver software in short iterations to the customer with a high quality standard.

A couple of weeks ago I already blogged about JSAnalyse, which is an extension for the Visual Studio Layer Diagram to enable architecture validation for Client-Side Scripts. The JavaScript Client-Side code is still not threated in the same way like server-side code, with the same quality criteria. Nowadays, many projects have already a couple of unit tests and layer validations for the server-side code but do not care about testing and validating their JavaScript code at all. That is the reason why I want to mention JSAnalyse again. It helps defining a client-side architecture and to keep the JavaScript dependencies under control.

More details about Client-Side Validation, how to use it and how it works can be found on the following pages:
Blog about JSAnalyse
JSAnalyse on CodePlex

Additionally for testing JavaScript code I would recommend using JS-Test-Driver and reading the following blog:
JavaScript Unit Testing

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